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STCS Cutting Edge Tips To Help You Sharpen Your Knives

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Getting straight to the point may be the best way to handle conversation, but it s not the ideal way to sharpen a knife. Knives are invaluable tools around the kitchen and other areas of the home, but if they aren t sharp, they are useless and dangerous.

Whether you buy expensive knives or cheap knives, they all get dull with use. You can have your knives serviced by a professional, or you can learn how to sharpen your knives yourself. A word of caution: learning to sha…


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Getting straight to the point may be the best way to handle conversation, but it s not the ideal way to sharpen a knife. Knives are invaluable tools around the kitchen and other areas of the home, but if they aren t sharp, they are useless and dangerous.

Whether you buy expensive knives or cheap knives, they all get dull with use. You can have your knives serviced by a professional, or you can learn how to sharpen your knives yourself. A word of caution: learning to sharpen your knives takes time and practice; don t begin by trying to sharpen your best knives on your own as you could damage the blades.

Although your knives may seem sharp, a practical test can tell you whether your knives need to be sharpened. Slice a ripe tomato if you can slice the tomato easily, you re knife is sharp; if the tomato squishes down and is difficult to slice, then it is time to add your knife to the to-be-sharpened drawer.

Knife blades are essentially tiny saws, complete with teeth. With use, these teeth get worn, bent or twisted. Knives made of harder metal don t get dull as often as those made of soft metal, but when they do get dull, they are more difficult to sharpen. It is necessary to find a substance harder than what your knife is made of to sharpen that knife. Metal sharpeners called steels are often used by professionals like butchers, but for most people who own stainless steel knives, a ceramic sharpener may be a better choice.

Using a Ceramic Sharpener to Sharpen Your Knives:

Begin by placing the heel of your knife blade at the tip of the sharpener and then sliding the entire length of the blade down the sharpener. Keep the pressure and angle constant; you should feel the abrasion between the cutting edge and the sharpener.

Plan your stroke so that you will finish with the point of the knife s blade near the base of the ceramic sharpener. Repeat this move on the other side of the sharpener to sharpen the other side of your knife.

Steel Sharpeners:

If you choose to use a steel sharpener rather than a ceramic one, begin with the heel of the blade at the base of the sharpener (rather than at the tip as with the ceramic sharpener) and work your hands away from each other while maintaining the contact between the knife blade and the sharpener at an angle of 25 degrees.

Depending on how often you use your knives, they will require periodic grinding to create a new cutting edge. If you have a sanding wheel or a large grinder with stones of varying coarseness, you can carve a new edge on your knives, but if you lack this equipment, skill or confidence, it may be a good idea to have a professional handle the grinding as it could damage your knives and possibly your fingers.

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Birth Control 101

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This article is about the different contraceptives and how birth control works. Enumerated in this article are the different types of birth control methods how they function to prevent pregnancy. Choosing which one to use is serious and it is best to know more about them by consulting a doctor before finally deciding on which one to use.

how does birth control work

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We now live in a world where sex is as normal as going out to the movies. Even teenagers as young as fifteen years old are aware of the concept of premarital sex. And chances are, a lot of adolescents aged 15 to 19 are already sexually active. It is because we take sex so lightly that the rate of accidental pregnancies are going higher and higher up the charts.

While we’re on the subject of being permissive enough to ignore teenage sex, think about this: Do these teenagers know what contraceptives are? Do they know which ones to use and how to properly use it? This article will help children understand birth control more.

What is contraception and how does birth control work?
Birth control is a set of actions, devices, medications used for the sole purpose of preventing conception or pregnancy. It works in three ways:
1. It prevents the monthly release of an egg cell (ovum) from the ovaries during menstruation.
2. It thickens the cervical mucus lining so that sperm cells would not be able to swim and join with an ovum.
3. It changes lining of the uterus to make implantation of a fertilized egg difficult.

What are the different birth control types available?
There are natural methods of birth control. These do not require the aid of any device of medication. The natural method of contraception includes:
1. Abstinence. This requires a person to totally abstain from engaging in sexual activities of any form.
2. Withdrawal. This requires the man to pull his penis out of his partner’s vagina before he reaches his climax and ejaculates.
3. Sexual outercourse. It allows sexual gratification by means of non-penetrative sex. It may be in the form of oral sex or masturbation.
4. Fertility awareness. This method allows for couples to determine a woman’s safe and unsafe periods by means of careful recording of the woman’s basal body temperature, her first and last day of menstruation, and the consistency of her vaginal mucus secretions.

The barrier method of contraception includes:
1. Male condom. It is a latex or polyurethane rubber cylinder worn on the man’s penis to block sperm from going into the partner’s body.
2. Female condom. It is a thin sheath or pouch worn to line the vagina to collect sperm ejaculated by a man during sex.
3. Cervical cap. It is a barrier made out of either latex or silicone which is placed over the cervix to prevent sperm from entering the female reproductive tract.
4. Diaphragm. It works much like the cervical cap.

The hormonal birth control method includes:
1. Oral contraceptive pills. These are pills that contain synthetic versions of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone which aim to normalize a woman’s hormone level to prevent ovulation.
2. Injectables. It is a progestin-only solution that is injected to prevent ovulation for three months.
3. Hormonal patches. It is a thin, 2in by 2 in patch that slowly releases hormones into the body within the span of a week before it is replaced.
4. Birth control implants. It is a thin flexible plastic rod to be inserted under the skin of the upper arm of the woman to slowly release synthetic hormones into the body within the span of a year before it is replaced.

The intra-uterine device (IUD) is a T-shaped rod placed inside the uterus to created a localized inflammation so that the bodies auto-immune system will create white blood cells to repair the infection and in turn kill sperm cells that get within the vicinity of the inflammation.

Choosing the best birth control method to use is a serious matter. Consult your doctor to know more about the different risks and benefits of these contraceptive methods before picking one to use.

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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #25

Tami Close
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Hello Magnanimous You!
Isn’t magnanimous an incredible word? It’s a four syllable word…WHEW! That’s who you are! How could you not be since you are made perfect as a child of God?
WOW! Each day keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? Imagine over the course of the last few months how your life has changed. You’re becoming more and more aware of the daily focus on you that is required for your life to be vibrant.
What happens when you give to yourself? You become more connected to God. Giving to yourself is the key to receiving everything that you intend to attract. In Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsh mentions that it is truly about Self. Who are you being in every moment? Did you know Neale Donald Walsh used to be homeless? Now look where he is. He has learned to give to himself and let the abundance flow to him.
What happens when you give to everyone else and leave yourself last? You become disconnected to God. You’re running around ragged and wonder why you’re so exhausted. Can you really be loving towards your family when you’re so run down?
What is the solution? Make a commitment to you and spend time doing something that brings you joy. Listen to music, go for a walk, take a nice relaxing bath, light some candles, go to a park and stare at the clouds, journal, meditate, read a book…whatever it is where you can have some quiet time.
Just for today…..choose at least 15 minutes to do something for you.
You know what I’m going to do? Right now….okay, after I write this newsletter….I’m going to put on Earth, Wind and Fire and go sit outside in the sun and make clouds disappear. I may just sing really loud and dance which could alarm my neighbors. I love stirring up things. It’s about having fun, isn’t it?
I believe in you and am glad that you are part of my life! My life is abundant because you’re in it.
Love and hugs,

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EKCS Adjustable Beds and Bed Buying Methods

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Buying an adjustable bed can be a huge step simply because of the price, for this kind of item you must certainly consult the experts, do not waste any time in tracking down the bed review sites as these places will be priceless and could even save you some cash.

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With the creation of online shopping access to a whole lot of bed products is one of its major benefits, say you want a expert product, lets say a double loft bed, you may possibly be smarter searching in a home furnishing or bed directory, these will contain particular categories so locating a twin size loft bed, metal loft bunk bed and even a full size iron bed will never turn out to be a problem.

You should also be aware that bed specialists and other people who might often work with or have some involvement with beds can easily be discovered via the regional telephone books, there will be no shortage of people who are in some way linked with the subject of beds and they can save you a sizable amount of your valuable time by helping you with your bed related queries.

A whole host of bed related searches could possibly have led you to a bed or home furnishing associated portal, searches such as “find heavy duty bed frames” or “guides on adjustable king size beds”, the real trick with any interior design portal is to go immediately to the site menu, if you do this you should not be side tracked due to bed guides that are not connected to the bedding product you need.

A fair bit of bed information with the help of the internet can be acquired in the United States, Australia and a mass of continents, home improvement directories should generally give any consumer the details of globally based bed portals so buying beds from your national vicinity is swifter and much more convenient than it was before.

Now if you should happen to seek advice on canopy beds it could possibly be better to use the info in a bed directory in order to make contact with a bed supplier, if you then do this you will clearly get a fair amount of bed guidance for free.

A sizeable number of bed focused searches might certainly have led you to a bed or home improvement targeted portal, searches like “deals on heavy duty bed frames” or “low cost adjustable twin beds”, the main trick with any bedding site is to go directly to the site category map, if you do this you will not be side tracked because of bed reviews which are not connected to the bed you require.

A considerable number of bed merchants should generally be decent and a small minority somewhat poor, if a person requires local bedding info it might very well be better to send any local sources of bed knowledge a simple email, it should be as clear as you can and say something such as “I am searching for wood bed frames or wooden bunk beds”, what is contained in your email will depend on what kind of bed product you are interested in.

Now if you should seek data on antique bed frames it may possibly be better to use the information in a bed website in order to initiate contact with a bed specialist, by doing this you will doubtless get access to a fair amount of bed help for free.

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Build Health: Initiate A Health Strategy Makeover

William R. Quesnell
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My mother-in-law, a widow of a doctor, recently died. The way she exited was a nightmare. This was because her health strategy produced a lousy result.
Shortly before passing away, she had a colostomy to fix an intestinal blockage, the result of a decades-long struggle with diverticulitis. Poor teeth and gums, kidney failure and liver problems were also in the mix.
Not surprisingly she was riding a doctor-directed merry-go-round of prescription drugs and their side effects.
My mother-in-law went out in typical American fashion–a slow system-by-system breakdown accompanied by loss of mobility.
She learned three hard, painful lessons during her exit:
1) You can’t find health in a doctors’s .
2) Pharmaceuticals do not restore your health.
3) Our “health care” system manages disease, but does not improve your health.
My father, a retired dentist who can barely get around using a walker, is also following the typical American health strategy.
In spite of eating all the “right foods,” he is dealing with the effects of prostate disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s, and has recently been fitted with a pacemaker.
He too has been riding that doctor-directed merry-go-round of prescription drugs. He has his cozaar, carbidoba, ticlid, prilosec, voltaren, lipitor, and zoloft. His vasotec and doxycycline have recently been discontinued.
You do not have to follow this common American health “strategy.”
Instead, you might want to consider implementing what I call the Grandma Weiss/Uncle Wallace health strategy.
These relatives of mine lived well into their 90’s, were seldom sick and rarely ever saw a doctor. They were not plagued by slow, agonizing, system-by-system breakdowns.
On their last day they made it to the bathroom unassisted, had an evening meal, drank a little tea, read a bit, went to bed and didn’t wake up.
The night they closed up shop, all their metabolic enzyme systems mercifully shut down at the same time, the way nature intended it.
This kind of strategy is quite common in remote places like Vilcabamba in Ecuador and Abkhazia in the Russian Caucasus.
Dr. Weston A. Price chronicled other distant groups who did not get sick nor die like we do. He found the diets of those people to be nutrient-dense, containing four times the minerals and ten times the fat-soluble vitamins found in the American diet of the late 1930’s and early 40’s.
Here are two common denominators found in the strategies of Grandma Weiss/Uncle Wallace and isolated groups noted for their health and longevity:
(1) Diets loaded with minerals and vitamins that maintain their 2000+ metabolic enzymes through time.
(2) No reliance upon prescription drugs that interfere with those metabolic enzymes.
Consider what has happened to most Americans during the six decades beginning 1940:
The nutrient density of their diets, including that of the so-called “right foods” in those diets, has continued to slide downhill, and their use of prescription drugs has skyrocketed.
If you conclude you want to retool your present strategy, here are a couple of simple, logical things to do:
(1) Take advantage of the resources offered by the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.
(2) Start looking for natural alternatives to the prescription and over-the- counter items in your medicine cabinet.

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Birth Control: Its Origin And History

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This article is about a brief history of birth control methods. It shows the different kinds of contraceptive measures ancient people used. This article also briefly discusses how some of the birth control methods have evolved into their future forms.

history of birth control

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With the help of modern science and the latest technology, more and more contraceptive methods are fast becoming available to the public. Although many campaigns are being launched left and right to widen the public awareness on the subject of birth control and help explain how the different contraceptive devices and products work, these often overlook the history of birth control. How did birth control come about?

Back in the day, there were no scientific explanations to prove how birth control worked and people just improvised and went with whatever seemed to work. The oldest methods of contraception (not including abstinence from sex) are the withdrawal method, certain barrier methods, and herbal methods.

The withdrawal method, also known as the coitus interruptus, involves withdrawal of the penis from the vagina before a man reaches his orgasm. It probably predates any other contraceptive method. Experts said that once the connection between a man’s emission of semen into the vagina and conception was suspected or established, men have started practicing it. Different religions have their own views on the subject of withdrawal. According to the book of Genesis, Onan incurred the wrath of God by “spilling his seed on the ground” in opposition to the custom to impregnate his sister-in-law. Ancient Chinese and Indian beliefs indicated that coitus reservatus, or withdrawing the man’s penis without ejaculating, helps retain a man’s virility as they believed that ejaculating releases the yan, the essence of masculinity. They believe that this method isn’t regarded as the most reliable method of contraception as some men lose control and forget to “pull out” when it’s time.

Barrier methods were designed to stop sperm from reaching a fertile egg by means of caps and spermicides. Early Egyptian women have historic records of using a vaginal suppository made up of a concoction of substances that were said to kill sperm. Asian women were said to have used oiled paper as cervical caps, while European women used beeswax. The first condom came about sometime in the 17th century. It was first made of animal intestine. Although the first condom is not as effective as the modern latex condoms, it was used both as a means of birth control and as protection from syphillis, which was then greatly feared as there were still no known cure for the disease.

Throughout the course of history, a lot of different abortifacients have been used by many women. These are natural or synthetic substances that may induce an abortion. A certain 2nd century Greek gynecologist named Soranus suggested women to drink water that blacksmiths use to cool metal. Some women drank solutions mixed with mercury, arsenic, or other toxic materials for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. It works by poisoning the woman’s body so that it will not be conducive to support pregnancy.

The herbal method was said to have been used by ancient tribes to control population. The herbs tansy and pennyroyal were said to have worked the same way as the above-mentioned abortive chemicals, poisoning a woman enough to prevent her body from conceiving, but not enough to kill her. But aside from being abortive, some herbs were used as preventive measures for pregnancy. The hibiscus rosa-sinensis may have antiestrogenic properties that change the hormone levels of women. Papaya seeds were said to have been used as a male contraceptive.

The modern day intra-uterine device (IUD) was said to have come from a folktale about Arab traders who inserted small stones into their camels’ uterus to prevent pregnancy. However, the first IUD that covered the vagina and the uterus was first marketed in the early 1900s. Then finally, the first modern IUD was created in 1909.

Times have changed, and so have birth control methods. They have been enhanced and improved to further accommodate the people who intent to use them. People who have become more and more liberal as culture and society have evolved.

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EKCS Adjustable Beds – The Right Choice

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To make the right choice while buying an adjustable bed, one needs to be vigilant. Being aware of what the market has to offer is an added advantage. The adjustable beds, although expensive, provide a number of benefits and are worth the investment.

If you do not want to invest too much for a bed, then you can purchase a second-hand adjustable bed at a lower cost. This will also be an economical option. You can browse through websites to get second hand beds. Even cheap ad…

adjustable beds,adjustable bed,mattresses

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To make the right choice while buying an adjustable bed, one needs to be vigilant. Being aware of what the market has to offer is an added advantage. The adjustable beds, although expensive, provide a number of benefits and are worth the investment.

If you do not want to invest too much for a bed, then you can purchase a second-hand adjustable bed at a lower cost. This will also be an economical option. You can browse through websites to get second hand beds. Even cheap adjustable beds have style and can serve the purpose.

Adjustable Beds : Essential Features
Some essential features must be taken into consideration during the purchase of an adjustable bed. Checking the base of the bed is very important. It is the base that has the adjustable feature so proper working of its motor is necessary. The adjustable beds of reputed lenders would assure you sealed and maintenance-free motors. This will enable your adjustable bed to be hassle-free and to have long life.

Purchasing the Adjustable Beds
While making the purchase of an adjustable bed, do not make a rash decision. Think over all the options and take time to understand them. Check whether the bed has the option of movement and find out how it works. Technical help cannot be received at all times so knowing all about these beds before buying them is best for you.

Look at the cost factor as well. The retail price, shipping charges, handling costs etc. all have to be taken into consideration before buying the bed. The vast information available about the adjustable beds in the market, and on the internet, will make it easier for you to purchase one.

Looking up all the features while buying an adjustable bed will enable you to buy one with a long and hassle-free life. It will give you comfort and relieve all the stress after hard day s work and, most importantly, it will wake you up to a better tomorrow. Go right away and get an adjustable bed for you if you do not have one!

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Distance Learning Technologies Comparisons

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If you are considering a distance learning program, read this article to read more about the technology considerations.

distance learning technologies comparisons, long distance learning, tutoring

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There are many ways to take part of distance learning these days, and even more technologies to choose from. How can you compare the different companies offering distance learning technology? Be sure to comparison shop before you put any money down. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. This article covers a few considerations when making distance learning technologies comparisons for your needs.
When comparing distance learning programs, you should consider your capabilities. Are you using high speed internet? If not, many of the functions and tools of the latest technologies will not be available to you. Therefore, they may not be worth paying for. However, if you have a high speed connection from which you can do your learning, you can take advantage of the great new tools available. Also, computer hardware is a consideration. If you’re running an older computer, you may not be able to get streaming video to work efficiently, even with a high speed connection. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Some of the material may come on DVD’s, so you would need to have a DVD player as well (regular CD players cannot play DVD’s). Check with different services and find out which is right for your hardware setup.
Another point to consider when making distance learning technologies comparisons is the time you’re willing to commit. Distance learning programs are under the assumption that you can and will keep up with the program. Without working on your own and without have a teacher to direct your learning, you will be responsible for taking the initiative on the work and keeping up with the class. Though this gives you flexibility, it also requires a bit more discipline than a conventional classroom.
So, be sure to take the time to figure out if you will be able to fully utilize the distance learning program you’re looking to buy. If you find the wrong program, you won’t get the full benefit and will likely feel like you’ve wasted your money. But, if you find the right program for you, you’ll have found a great way to learn something new with the flexibility of learning and working from home.

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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #12

Tami Close
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Are you just exploding with the presence of light all around you? Isn’t it awesome when you take time out for yourself, how amazing you feel? Just keep believing in yourself and the miracles will keep happening. The right people will show up and the right opportunities will show up….GUARANTEED!
I am basking in my own light and let me tell you why. I just became a co-author in a book with a few famous people like Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer and others. The name of the book is Wake Up Live the Life You Love…Finding Personal Freedom. It’s a compilation of short stories designed to motivate and inspire similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul. The book will come out in March and we anticipate taking it to number #1 on the best seller list. Pretty awesome, right?
Last weekend I attended a conference in Southern California as part of the Wake Up Live family. The keynote speaker was Stedman Graham, Oprah’s boyfriend. During his presentation he came over to me and asked me my name and used me to illustrate some key points for his speech. I also got to attend a VIP dinner with Stedman in attendance. Pretty wonderful, right? I met some other amazing people at the conference who I attracted to help me build my business.
Why am I telling you this? Before I could manifest miracles, I first needed to BELIEVE in myself and TRUST that GOD, my angels, my guides are right here with me all the time lifting me higher and higher. I have spent too many years living in worry and fear and only manifesting heartache as a result. I am not going to waste any more time living off track in lower vibrational energy. God has created me to live my purpose and I want to please Him. Now that I am believing in ME, I am soaring beyond the clouds!
Want to fly with me? Then keep focusing on you and each and every minute of the day thinking thoughts that will bring in more light. You have the tools to do this: RET, EFT, affirmations, meditation, visualization, journaling, forgiveness, exercise, surrounding yourself with positive people. When you have a fearful thought that comes in, take a minute out and go tap. Guess what? You can do this for a screaming child as well. Tap for them on their face, collarbone, under the arm and their head. You’ll get results for them as well.
It will be great to see where you started and where you are now as a result of making you a priority. Remember, we are made to manifest miracles. Listen, trust and take Divine action. Your dreams are right here!
Right now, what are you going to do to bring in more light?
Love and hugs,


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STCS Storage Cabinets Buying Guide

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Your favorite books deserve a better treatment; they deserve a Maritta contemporary bookcase! Watch with awe as the task of your bookcase shelving takes on a whole new meaning with these modern masterpieces.

Media Storage Cabinets,

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This article is a storage cabinets buying guide aimed at educating you on practical aspects of buying storing media and entertainment units. Let us face it, no matter how simple it looks; choosing CD/DVD/Plasma TV Stands Units is a tricky affair. Narrowing down on the options within budget and your requirement needs some thoughtful action.

Capacity & Space : Since media units are constantly on the expansion drive, it is important to choose the largest unit you can buy in the space you have on hands. Try to accommodate a bigger unit for the continually expanding CD and DVD collections.

Size of the room : Measure up the room and the area you need to put up the unit. What all would like to have in your media unit Plasma/ DVD and CD players, speakers and other media collection? You get low-slung units that allow you all of it and some more space to display art and collectibles. Then there are regular media units with racks for storing CDs DVDs and music. Compare standard shelf size and determine the kind of space you will need to store and keep adding.

Some of the storage style options and their Shelving Units

Shelving Units : Shelving units are functional furniture pieces. Metal and wood shelving systems also come equipped with casters for mobility, and are found in all different sizes to fit in almost any dimension. There are modular units that can be assembled and dissembled easily and arranged the way you like, even hung from top. You get shelving systems in conventional and unconventional material for home and offices, bamboo shelving look great and bestow a room with a decorative and utilitarian value.

Bookcases : You have bookcases that can be used to store and display books and collectibles. Then there are ledger units that allow you the freedom to stack and display in style. You get units that allow multifunctional uses in style. Some bookcases are designed to be a combination of storage and display with a glass door and extra shelving cases and drawers for displaying art and collectibles. Pay attention to the depth of the shelves to accommodate larger books, ideally a 12-14 inch shelf is great for storing different sizes of books. Normally, bookcases are designed to stack against a wall to draw support, you can get creative and also use bookcases for dividing spaces, storing books, decorative and other uses. You get wooden bookcases constructed with hardwoods, glass, metal and a combination of material to fulfill modern and traditional decorative tastes.

Media Cabinets/ Entertainment Unit : Media Cabinets are available in all designs and sizes to accommodate sleek plasmas and TVs, and also provide space for storing collection and artifacts. Traditionally, media units were sort of shelving systems with limited space. Over the recent times, with media and storage consisting of CDs and DVDs, while the size of TVs getting slimmer, media units have come to mean modified Entertainment systems that allow you to stack your players and plasmas and collections and also allow open space to display. You can also opt for models placed on spinners with shelves on four sides, like those often seen in book stores for your collection.

Curio Cabinets : Curios are great furniture units with set of shelves and a large glass door. Normally used to store collectibles, glittering chinas and antique pieces, the curio shelving system is normally mirrored at the back and some are equipped with spotlights for display. It is a decorative unit often placed in the living area, and the designs are a great combination of wood and glass. Some even entail glass shelves for a transparent display. Used normally as a decorative unit, check out if the styling and design goes with the overall theme in your living area.

Wall Mounted Shelves : For limited space, wall-mounted shelves look great. You get free-standing units and wall mounted ones, depending on your availability of space and convenience, consider factors like mobility while deciding on the best choice. Once mounted on a wall, shelving units are difficult and time consuming to move them to another location, whereas free-standing shelves can simply be picked up and moved easily.

Corner Shelves : Corner shelves are useful as both free standing and wall mounted units. Usually fashioned to fit any wall corner between two walls, they are designed to save space and provide utility and decorative value to a space. Ideal for small spaces and apartments, you can buy corner shelves in different materials and turn it into a functional corner. Used in bathrooms, kitchens and lobbies to display and hold in style.

Shelf Liners : To protect shelves, you get liners made of cloth or plastic. They majorly help you protect the surface and make it easier to clean a shelving unit. Available in a range of color and finish, they are great for preventing slipping of small items through wire mesh shelves and can be cut to fit any size.